But now I’m found

How do you react when disappointment happens in your life? Let me share with you how I used to react when disappointment would arise. I used to react quickly by opening up the floodgates of tears and anger. I would start to take on different characteristics that I had stored away in my emotional closet.  I’d pick out the outfit called.. Why me and know body cares.

Looking back it’s amazing how I never out grew anything that was in my closet. All those negative emotions would always fit like a glove. I had mastered the art of hiding my feelings.  I would portray to be happy, so happy that you would have thought that I was a contestant on the Price is Right and just won… a new car!  I was great at hiding my sadness, hurts and disappointments. Sometimes I would go home and go to bed, where I would stay, for a few days…Well maybe just a couple of hours because this girl got hungry. Sadly to say I was lost, I had a mindset that allowed the devil to hold me captive.

But now I’m found!

One day a friend asked me why I didn’t go to church. I couldn’t come up with a valid reason so I went to church.  And that was the beginning of a whole new life for me.  When I accepted his invitation to church and the invitation from God my life changed for a better that I never knew existed.  A little while later so did my response to my disappointments.  It was no longer why me. The question had become Why not me. Through my trials and disappointments God is still with me and I’d rather go through something with Him than without him by my side.  He said he will never leave me nor forsake me and I know it to be true.

In the name of Jesus I take authority over shame, bondage, oppression and forgiveness. Father you created me, called me, sanctified me and set me apart. I am walking in favor from God and man; therefore no weapon formed against me shall prosper. I am who God say’s I am. I will be who you created me to be. I acknowledge that you are the creator of heaven and earth and all things are in your hand.

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