I was preparing to rush out the door when I was asked to slow down! Thank God, now I have enough time to sip some morning tea which means read some blogs and eat a late breakfast.  I can’t help but wonder what type of day I would have had if I didn’t take time … More RandomThoughts.com

Don’t Pass Me By

I talked about this title with a friend of mine and explained how it came about. I was washing my hair and boom! it dropped in my spirit. I started to ponder on all the things that I possibly let pass me by, for one reason or another. Those shoulda,woulda,coulda days ugh! We all have … More Don’t Pass Me By

Trust The Process

As I sit waiting on a phone call this morning I’m reminiscing about the season I’m in. I’m in a process of tearing down and planting.  I’m deeply invested in the journey that God has for me but I have not reached the destination itself. As we go through a process we can become discontent … More Trust The Process

Seasons change

I had been invited out to dinner and certainly I had something to wear. I looked hard, tried on mostly everything in both closets. Then I heard a sweet soft voice say get rid of everything that’s not useful (fit) in this season. Immediately I was like “Yes! I think”  My girlfriends have asked me … More Seasons change

No Shades Of Grey

You can’t have your cake and eat it too. If your on the fence eventually your going to have to choose. We make choices all day every day some difficult some simple. Some are life changing and some are not. I’ve made a choice and I know this for sure..If it’s God that your after you … More No Shades Of Grey