Trust The Process

As I sit waiting on a phone call this morning I’m reminiscing about the season I’m in. I’m in a process of tearing down and planting.  I’m deeply invested in the journey that God has for me but I have not reached the destination itself.

As we go through a process we can become discontent in where we are. We may start to grumble and complain saying things like, “God I know you did not call me to work a 9-5. I know you didn’t call me to be on this job for the rest of my life. You didn’t call me to be in this relationship for the rest of my life…ugh! God, I know you have so much more for me. Yet I find myself in this waiting process wondering when will I reach the next level.”

Readers, I know it can be so frustrating when we are in the waiting season being called to tarry instead of moving forward. Let us not plant seeds in our own mind that tell us we’re not supposed to be in this current season. Furthermore we should not prematurely escape from the current season just so that we can get on to the next level. I want to focus on the word premature. When things are premature they aren’t fully developed everything isn’t operating like it would if it had gone full term. God has us in a certain place for a certain purpose.  He want’s us to be fully developed and prepared to get to that next season. We cannot be fully developed if we continue to focus on where we want to be, instead of where we are. The children of Israel had to go through the wilderness.  The wilderness was a part of their journey, but the promise land was their final destination. They became very disobedient on their way to the promise land and a lot of them missed the mark. Lets learn to make the most out of where God has us right now knowing this, “He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much…” KJV Luke 16:10. God will develop us in our current place and well be able to carry the things ahead of us.

Be blessed.