Don’t Pass Me By

I talked about this title with a friend of mine and explained how it came about. I was washing my hair and boom! it dropped in my spirit. I started to ponder on all the things that I possibly let pass me by, for one reason or another.

Those shoulda,woulda,coulda days ugh! We all have some. That life changing job that seems to be right in your reach but you can’t imagine being in that position. You think it’s for those who have gone to school for years and earned a couple of degrees, yet you have none. Or maybe it’s that special someone who meets all your desires for a husband/wife.  They lead the praise team and has a very active ministry for the Lord. but you refused to acknowledge his/her subtle smile and continuous compliments because you don’t feel like you measure up. That could be your husband or wife you better pray about it!  Whatever the case may be don’t let great opportunities pass you by. And remember that God doesn’t call the qualified He qualifies the called.

Be blessed