For such a time as this

My goodness its been a while since I posted anything.  I have been reading everyone’s  inspiring post.  Allow me to thank you for your diligence. I have finished writing the book that I had originally thrown away after feeling like I was targeting someone. It turned out to be a wonderful read if I do say so myself.  I’m the only one who has read it so far. I really enjoy writing poems and it just so happens that I wrote a poem in 2008. That poem has now been turned into a skit and it will debut in August 2017.  In 2008 (that was really busy year). I had a vision to start a ministry to help women overcome fear and walk in their God-given purpose. That’s the short description. Now I’m writing the curriculum for the ministry and I find it so exciting to stretch myself in areas of unfamiliar territory.  I had a few distractions since 2008 but I’m pressing towards the mark. I’ve been receiving  help because I finally asked for help. Imagine that! Also today is my birthday. I’m so thankful for all the great gifts that I might receive. But I’m even more thankful  for the free gift that I have already received from God and that’s the gift of salvation.  Well it’s after 3am and if I’m going to be a participant in my birthday celebration I’d better get some sleep.

Be encouraged.