Not a ordinary day

On 7/9/2017 I informed my coworker that I’d be right back. I drove to my home to get something that I needed for work and a couple of eggs that I planned on boiling once I returned to work. I placed all the items in the passenger’s seat of my car and exited my driveway.

I was driving a 2013 Honda Accord and the vehicle that was fast approaching was a large truck that looked like it would swallow me and my car up in one gulp. I put both hands on the steering wheel and yelled as loud as I could “Jesus”! It felt as there was a brief pause then the unthinkable happened, I had been hit. The sound that entered my ears was so unfamiliar to me, the crashing sound of two cars colliding. Being inside the car was much different from the sound when you witness a car accident.

A few days later I went to the impound lot accompanied by my 8-year-old granddaughter to retrieve some of the items in the glove box.  She wanted to see the car in “real life.” Once we located the car I began to gather items from the glove box. My granddaughter reached down on the passengers floorboard a little under the seat and said “grandma here’s your eggs” she lifted them up in one hand for me to see. I looked with astonishment at the eggs she held in her hand.  The eggs weren’t even cracked… Those eggs were placed inside a bowl and put in the front passengers seat of my car moment before the accident. They had fallen out of the bowl and onto the floor from the impact. I had no idea where the bowl landed.

My car wasn’t in that good of condition after the hit. The back passengers door was laying in front of the other vehicle down the street. The widows were broken out and much more damage as you may imaging.  But glory be to Almighty God! I’m alive and well.

I’m blessed and highly favored to be able to share this testimony with you all today. I know that Jesus was with me and protected everything inside my car when I called upon his name. There is power in the name of Jesus.

Be encouraged