Right Now

Woe it 2019.  This is the year of  Lets Get It Done. Finish writing the book that you so often talk about as if it’s already published. Forgive the relative that offended your homemade macaroni and cheese. Return the clothes that are still in the bag with the receipt. Change the filter in you humidifier. Apply for that position that you have been drooling over. Tell him/her that you want to be more than friends. Do what it takes to stop living beyond your means. Travel to the place that’s been calling your name. Finish remodeling your home. Go on a date for the first time in ? years. Forgive yourself. Contact that long lost friend. Get the degree. Expand your friend circle. Finish knitting the blanket. Change your attitude. Whatever brings you peace and joy… Get It Done.

With the best intentions and with love.

Be blessed