Seasons change

I had been invited out to dinner and certainly I had something to wear. I looked hard, tried on mostly everything in both closets. Then I heard a sweet soft voice say get rid of everything that’s not useful (fit) in this season. Immediately I was like “Yes! I think”  My girlfriends have asked me … More Seasons change

No Shades Of Grey

You can’t have your cake and eat it too. If your on the fence eventually your going to have to choose. We make choices all day every day some difficult some simple. Some are life changing and some are not. I’ve made a choice and I know this for sure..If it’s God that your after you … More No Shades Of Grey

Time well spent

Today was the day that i had been preparing for. A day that women would come together on one accord searching the scriptures for the teachings on faith, righteousness, healing and much more. I’d been studying the Word and preparing all week. I even took yesterday off work to devote the whole day to studying … More Time well spent

But now I’m found

How do you react when disappointment happens in your life? Let me share with you how I used to react when disappointment would arise. I used to react quickly by opening up the floodgates of tears and anger. I would start to take on different characteristics that I had stored away in my emotional closet. … More But now I’m found

The Struggle Was Real

Welcome to my first post!  I’ve been working on this site for three hours plus. I started this morning with ambition,excitement and an assurance from God that this is what i’m supposed to be doing at this time. Midway through setting up the site I started to get weary and uncertain and a bit frustrated. … More The Struggle Was Real